Discourse Slackdoor Plugin

(Dave McClure) #1

The discourse-slackdoor plugin allows Slack to unfurl links to your private Discourse instance.


When you post a message that starts with a link to a post or a topic in your private Discourse instance, a bot will post a message that contains the unfurled content as a reply.


  1. Configure an outgoing webhook on your Slack instance.
  2. Install and configure the discourse-slackdoor plugin.

Configure an Outgoing Webhook in Slack

Set the following values for your outgoing webhook:

  • Channels: All
  • Trigger Word(s): <https://forum.example.com/t/
  • URL: https://forum.example.com/slackdoor/knock
  • Token: (autogenerated, but copy value to add to your plugin settings)

You can also choose a name and icon for the bot’s posts.

Install and Configure Discourse-Slackdoor Plugin

  1. Install the plugin using this how to guide.
  2. Go to the Site Settings for your Discourse instance and type slackdoor into the filter to show the settings for the plugin.
    • enabled
    • token
    • username

The token should be set to the value that is generated by Slack when you create the webhook.

The username should be a user that can see topics you want to be able to share to Slack (but not topics that you don’t want to share).

Issues or Questions?

Please post any issues or questions in this topic.

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(Dave McClure) #2

A compatibility issue with this plugin was introduced in Discourse commit eaf87f07701b70903dcc88a7235371a00cc61083.

If you are on that version or newer of Discourse, you should update this plugin.

Discourse is creating their own officially supported Slack plugin and this is a feature on their todo list, so hopefully in the not-too-distant future this plugin will become obsolete :wink: