Discourse slow Target Response Time after upgrading to 3.1.0.beta5

We run an EC2 instance in AWS, discourse is installed via the supported methods
Sitting in-front of the EC2 instance is an ELB (Load Balancer)

Recently we upgraded to Discourse Server version 3.1.0.beta5
Shortly after, we observed that our target response time from the perspective of our Network Load Balancer has drastically increased from sitting well under 1 second to taking as long as 9 seconds.

Questions 1:
Has anyone else hit an issue like this on this version

Question 2:
Does discourse have any way of drilling into which endpoints are being slow

Have you updated stuff and rebooted the ec2 lately?

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I have, but it hasn’t helped. I’m curious if discourse has any way to measure its own performance like response time, alternatively what tools are admins using to measure this?

Your can search for “mini profiler” also see that your email is in the discourse_developer_emails environment variable.

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thanks! I’m curious what is “mini profiler” and where can i search for it?


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Do you have any plugins installed?

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