Website is so slow

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing all fine
I’m having problems with my website, Yesterday I installed discourse on fresh domain and on fresh droplet with 2GB ram , 1 CPU and 50 GB hard disk, It was running fine … and this morning I installed two plugins in discourse
1: Discourse voting
2: Discourse whose online plugin
still, it was running fine enough
but after some time now It’s so slow … when I type my website address it takes so much time to even load up the website and after it completely loads the website … it takes so much time to go to any page … overall

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It seems fine when I load it (I remembered the address from your other topic :slightly_smiling_face:). How does it compare to loading up and navigating another discourse instance? (eg. meta, or Could it be your internet/browser that needs a refresh?


Which web browser are you using?

There is a known performance issue with that plugin. We are reworking it internally and will fix this issue in the coming months, so I suggest to try and rebuild the site without it and see if performance returns.


check this Benefits of the who's online plugin? - #3 by Canapin

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Hi! I’m using this plugin on two forums.

Is there a way to monitor the performance variations depending on the number of connected users? It’s not like I can try different numbers at will… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for checking it and letting me know

Okay,Let me remove whose online plugin then I’ll check the performance again

I’m using chrome browser, I also checked in opera web browser but It’s still slow

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Yeah I removed the plugin now it’s working fine enough … It improved the performance … Thanks for the help!


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