`/discourse status` slack command does not show tags

(Dave McClure) #1

The official discourse slack plugin /discourse status slash command does not indicate which tags are being watched

Example commands and output

/discourse watch tag:foo
Watched tag foo

/discourse watch tag:bar
Watched tag bar

/discourse status
#foo-channel is watching all categories

This issue hinders the ability of Slack users to use the slack command as a self-service means to choose what kinds of topics their channel is subscribed to, which is something I’m aiming to achieve with the plugin, as it will be unwieldy to rely on site admins to do this given the number of Slack channels (>1500 and growing).

(Alan Tan) #2

@vinothkannans Ah ha looks like we missed this one here

(Vinoth Kannan) #3

PR created for this

(Dave McClure) #4

Just tested this out and can confirm it’s now working. Thanks!

Slack command to un(watch|follow|mute) tag or category
(Jeff Atwood) #5