Discourse Tab Bar for Mobile

This looks really cool. Is there way to make a tab to show the follow feed? This way a user can easily see a feed of all the people they follow.

Also is it possible for page specific

.user-main .about {
    margin-bottom: 0;
    color: var(--secondary);
    display: none;

Just for the feed page?

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Just to confirm, you’re referring to the follow feed of Follow Plugin 👨? If so, then set feed as the route (the third segment) in the setting of the tab that you want to redirect to the follow feed.


Yes I am. Thank you!


I think it’d be nice if we could add a “New Topic” button right in the middle of the bar. :thinking:

Reddit serves as a great example.


You sure can. Try the below in either the 3rd or 4th tab setting to achieve the middle effect.

New, plus, /new-topic

That’s great! I just did it and it reminds me of YouTube’s implementation. Overall, very nice! :grinning:

Would it be possible to add a button that redirects users to the “Discourse Chat” section of the community?


Hi, I made a PR for adding support to the non-ASCII characters in the tab URL, would you like to take a look and see if it can be merged into the main branch?


Sure, PR merged! Thank you @th21!


Not sure whether it’s mergeable so I forked and added extra settings to display tabs for non-login-user


Can we add a BACK button in the tab bar, maybe a simple javascript code or something? Tab bar on Discourse Hub app iOS prevents you from going back to the main Discourse selection page.


@Osama any ideas to add back/forward with them? Thanks.


@miss @MarcP Given that the component lets admins customize each tab, I can’t just hardcode a specific tab to do backward/forward navigation so we need a way to let admins decide which tab they want to act as a backward or forward button using the theme settings. This is a new feature that needs to be added to the component and I’d be happy to accept a PR for it. If you’re interested in working on this, please PM me before you start.


Hi, I made another PR to add an option to allow untrimmed URL to be able to match the tab destination setting.

For example, /latest?order=created and /latest will be treated as different tabs and receive icon color change on click when the option is on.

Would you like to take a look and let me know whether it’s mergable? thx in advance. :grinning:


I really like this!

It’s covering the Discourse Hub UI though, can that be fixed?


Hi, thank you for this theme component. I am currently using them on my website https://businesslab.vn. However, recently I have an idea about integrating “Toggle hamburger menu” and “Header dropdown toggle current user” inside this theme-component, this will make the display space in the header more minimalist, and users with only 1 hand operation can perform navigation to Tab bar (your theme-component). Hope you will be interested in this proposal.

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hello, this component is wonderful, congratulations on creating it! Is this the most current component there is? or is there a more modern component? I’m new to the forum

Is there a way for me to put a way on the last button so that when the person presses it, other buttons with icons or with icons and names appear for them to choose other options? Because I have more important options and I needed to put it, a way like this would be perfect, for example

that is, when the person clicks on the icon, other icons will appear for them to click on

@th21 @osama

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How do I make the tab bar fixed? Sometimes I scroll down and it disappears, I want to make it always visible!

I am trying to make one of the buttons go to user-portfolio with no luck.

Is this doable?

Edit: worked it out…

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Tab bar is overflow on chat box. Users can not chat with tab bar.
Could you fix this, please?