Discourse team appreciation

Just to break up the monotony…

Word: multi-hatting v.

Definition: The the status of managing concerns across disciplines.

What multi-hatting might look like:

Use in a sentence: Many of the Discourse developers and support staff are multi-hatting their way through database management and development, web, server hardware, services software including hosting, email, and other dependencies, plus actual design and code development. They are normally tired. Trivial bugs irritate them but they stay professional and roll with the punches (because you don’t want to take it full on in the face).

You guys do a great job and you are appreciated (even though it doesn’t feel like it some days).

Ok, back to monotony.


As a long time BBS junky(I don’t really like chat or SNS), Yes, this is what I wanted so much long time. Please Please keep going this.