Interesting Social Feature: Hats

I recently ran into an interesting concept: “hats” on

From the page:

A hat is a formal, verified, way of posting a comment while speaking for a project, organization, or company. Each user may have multiple hats, one of which may be selected to be worn when posting a comment or sending a private message.

I don’t know if originated this, or originated the name “hats”.

Conceptually, I’d class it with account verification, as on Twitter and other microblogging services.


Very similar to our “Add staff color” feature, with the difference that there can be multiple ones.

Interesting. Our staff color feature suffers from poor visibility, maybe something like that could make it more useful/discoverable.

But kinda easy for people to confuse it with group flairs and titles :thinking:


A natural way to style this for Discourse could be to place your normal avatar in the flair slot, and the “brand account” avatar in the full slot.


plus text of “posting as Discourse” or something…