Discourse to Power Q & A Site?


We are looking to add a Q&A section to our website, stageagent.com. The idea is primarily to give our users the ability to get feedback from our in-house experts. However, it’d be great if we could also let users respond and earn points/badges that could be used toward their paid subscription etc.

Can Discourse be modified to be used for what we want? Are there any examples you know of where Discourse is being used to power a Q&A site?

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There is the solved plugin, that is enabled in the #support category.

You can easily create custom badges to people with accepted answers like this.


Are there any live sites out there that you know of that use the Q&A plugin? Would be great to see an example of Discourse used for Q&A in action.

Yes, this site uses it in some categories.

Which category(s)? Can you post link(s) please?

Almost all Discourse forums have a section dedicated to support. Users sharing their knowledge with one another is a cornerstone of practically every good community. Here are a few more examples: