What are the recommended Tools/setup config for Q&A Community based on Discourse?

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I have now 2 discourse installations, both of them are meant to be “Q&A discussion community websites”, but on different Topics, Both websites though are on the broad Niche of IT & Computing.

So i have this question, since Discourse fits most to Forums, How can i m websites become successful Q&A discussion communities based on Discourse!

I’ve used before different platforms/frameworks to built the communities, such as Question2Answer and custom built Asp.net ones, but i see discourse has great potential but i can’t find the plugins, or the ultimate setup that should work for a Q&A.

P.S. I’ve already installed the “Best Answer” plugin, it’s good.


Guys @codinghorror & @sam i think you have quite some experience on IT Q&A :slight_smile: as i believe you are coming from Stackoverflow :), your ideas will be really appreciated.

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Do you mean the “solved” plugin?

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hmm…at this moment i use the Solved plugin, but i need more plugins, or tips or whatever can be done, to make my community websites more Q&A focused!

are there any ideas @codinghorror!

(Matt Palmer) #4
  1. Get people who are capable of answering questions.
  2. Get people who are capable of asking questions.

I put them in that order because the first is a lot harder than the second.

Beyond that, you’ll need to expand on what “more Q&A focused” means. What areas, specifically, are you insufficiently “Q&A focused” at present?

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Thanks for your reply @mpalmer,

as for “step 1” getting people who are capable of answering questions :slight_smile: i guess we already have that i believe :slight_smile:
“Step 2” people who are capable of asking questions, well…somehow i disagree, as i found getting people to answer questions far easier than getting them to ask! :open_mouth:

My Q&A’s, both are focused on programming and IT in general, basically Windows related topics.
Just one is in English while the other in Arabic.

What do u suggest me to do?!