What are the recommended Tools/setup config for Q&A Community based on Discourse?


I have now 2 discourse installations, both of them are meant to be “Q&A discussion community websites”, but on different Topics, Both websites though are on the broad Niche of IT & Computing.

So i have this question, since Discourse fits most to Forums, How can i m websites become successful Q&A discussion communities based on Discourse!

I’ve used before different platforms/frameworks to built the communities, such as Question2Answer and custom built Asp.net ones, but i see discourse has great potential but i can’t find the plugins, or the ultimate setup that should work for a Q&A.

P.S. I’ve already installed the “Best Answer” plugin, it’s good.


Guys @codinghorror & @sam i think you have quite some experience on IT Q&A :slight_smile: as i believe you are coming from Stackoverflow :), your ideas will be really appreciated.

Do you mean the “solved” plugin?

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hmm…at this moment i use the Solved plugin, but i need more plugins, or tips or whatever can be done, to make my community websites more Q&A focused!

are there any ideas @codinghorror!

  1. Get people who are capable of answering questions.
  2. Get people who are capable of asking questions.

I put them in that order because the first is a lot harder than the second.

Beyond that, you’ll need to expand on what “more Q&A focused” means. What areas, specifically, are you insufficiently “Q&A focused” at present?


Thanks for your reply @mpalmer,

as for “step 1” getting people who are capable of answering questions :slight_smile: i guess we already have that i believe :slight_smile:
“Step 2” people who are capable of asking questions, well…somehow i disagree, as i found getting people to answer questions far easier than getting them to ask! :open_mouth:

My Q&A’s, both are focused on programming and IT in general, basically Windows related topics.
Just one is in English while the other in Arabic.

What do u suggest me to do?!

2.5 years later, I wonder what happened here @Yassine_Yousfi ?


Hi @sam Yep, Actually went a different way, the same way discourse probably works…

Found that launching a service or a product paid or open source, and then having a discourse forum around it is best approach… to get people to ask questions and answering them and then making some cash from the service itself without having to rely on ads to finance it…