Thoughts on a plugin which turns discourse into stackoverflow

I know I know discourse is not a Q&A platform, and you might not believe in negative votes, etc, as mentioned in other posts. This is not a question about the philosophy, it is a technical question, so please proceed with technical answers.

I think a forum platform like discourse, and a Q&A platform like SO have a lot in common. On the other hand, despite many tries, a polished, high quality, open source clone of SO with a large community and high momentum like discourse does not yet exist. So I was wondering how easy, or difficult, would it be to create a plugin that would convert discourse into stackoverflow?

Would this imaginary plugin be something ‘hacky’ that only would work as a prototype, or would be reliable enough for production?


This must be broken in sub-tasks and as many plugins. You can edit this list as needed since it’s now an editable wiki :wink:

Existing plugins : .

Non existing:

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You may also be interested in the Question Answer plugin.


It’s not a wiki yet, but you could ask @zogstrip to make it a wiki.

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I am not a very expert Ruby on Rails Developer. I finished my last project Bartering Apps and my next one will be a like StackOverflow discussion forum, because I am very interested in how developers find solutions to problems. Once that I implemented the current state of the art Discourse Forum plus Plugins, I could try to develop the following points:

  1. How to get answer’s comments? (stackoverflow-like & tiny)


  3. How to have all post (answers) as wiki by default? (maybe)

My only hope is that I get through it :smile:

Wish me luck, I hope I am not posting something inappropriate for this discussion…
I would need some help and directions, I start one reading some discourse material and maybe cloning the github project.