Discourse-tooltips - preview topic contents on hover

That translation is not the reason they are not showing up (try disabling themes / other plugins). However it should be fixed and I’ve done so:


Hi, does the tooltip preview the first post or the latest?

If just one of them, would it be possible to add this functionality (able to choose between the first or the latest post being shown on the tooltip)? In my mind, the optimal scenario would be able to choose latest post tooltip when on “latest” page and first post when on “new” page, because that’s the logic behind these two types of pages (you want to know what’s recently going on with a topic on “latest” and what’s the topic all about in “new”).

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It’s always the first post. Having it support the last post would make caching more difficult.


Ok. :+1:

I was asking because some of our users have requested something similar to Tapatalk Timeline, which is basically a topic list page where for each topic it is shown an excerpt of the latest post. It’s a very appreciated feature, apparently (not by me but by those who actually use Tapatalk app).

Found a bug. :slight_smile:

The Suggested Topics at the bottom of a post popup a tooltip, but the contents is what the tooltip would be for the post you are currently in, for all of them, not the tooltips for what the posts you are hovering over should be.

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Thanks for reporting that! I’m not sure when it broke (or if it was always broken!) but this fixes it:


Awesome! I’ll update on the next couple days then. :grin:

It was no biggie, just reported to me by a couple users. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can this tooltips work only for selected words/keywords ?

No, it’s for showing the insides of topics.