Discourse UI broken on iOS 17 developer beta4

Just tested on iOS 17 beta 4 (developer) and discourse UI seems broken. (Safari and Chrome)

It seems as though the scrolling makes css changes and jumps.

it seems the issue is with borders I’m pretty sure.
The .topic-post-badges and .nav-pills>li.active>a are changing size as you scroll which causes all content to “jump”.
I’m not sure if it’s a padding issue because it seems like the border-radius is being maintained. But my assumptions is that it’s either a padding or borders issue?

This appears to be happening on other themes too, with this padding shift causing jumps.

Here’s a quick video :

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This is a WebKit bug, and it looks like it has since been fixed in/before 19617.1.1.2 (i.e. the latest macOS Safari Technology Preview) So the fix on iOS will likely land in beta 5.


Awesome. I tried to look it up but did not find it so thank you for making me & everyone else aware.

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