UX IPhone issues

I’m facing a few UX issues with Discourse, and Iphone Chrome and Discourse Hub App.

App on iOS:

Chrome on iOS

Safari on iOS works fine

Is this a CSS or app problem?

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What component is rendering that discord button?

These are the components I’m using, but not sure which one could be the one doing that. I will have to investigate.

The main problem here is about new topic posting. App and Chrome don’t work well when it’s more text-dense — the keyboard cannot be hidden, and it’s not possible to scroll up or down the page, consequently cannot save the post.

Ah I think you are using material design theme. Don’t use this with hub. The floating new topic button on that theme is hidden by the additional hub ui. I suspect this theme was designed before the hub was created. Use another theme or fork it and modify the height of the button in CSS.

I think you meant Discourse not Discord? That was confusing.

Hi Robert, It’s just a typo mistake. I already corrected my first post.

I’m using Clean Theme, and it is already forked. I will need to investigate a way to set the button to keep the above keyboard. If you have any suggestions…

Take a look at the CSS in Discourse Chatbot which solved that issue.

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