Discourse under 2 hostnames

What happens if I run Discourse under two different hostnames, i.e. the very same instance is connected to 2 different network interfaces with different IP addresses and different host names, but it is the same Discourse behind the two?
Will this break anything, apart from the email links?

“the same discourse” suggests you are running it on the same server.

This can be achieved with a single IP address.

There is nothing stopping you registering several domains and pointing them to the same IP …

Yes, but it has to be two different IP addresses and network interfaces for network configuration reasons.

Ah got you … so in essence this is the same question as:

Can I run Discourse behind two different web proxies?

I think this just went above my pay-grade! :slight_smile: I’ll let others chime in …

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It won’t necessarily break anything, if you do it right, but there’s plenty of ways you could break it.

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Any pointers what I should avoid breaking?

Google is going to punish you big time if it finds out.

All email will point users at a single instance

Highly recommend you don’t do this


What problem are you trying to solve by doing this?


Some weird corporate network setup where they do not want to connect subnet A to subnet B. Both need to use the Discourse instance, but are apparently not meant to talk to each other, except through using Discourse.

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One solution would be to have discoursehostname on Subnet A resolve to the subnet A address and have it resolve to subnet B on the other network. I think you might even be able to have discoursehostname resolve to both the subnet A and the subnet B addresses and the OS would figure out which one to connect to.


Yeah what you want @Raphael_Haase_NL is called