Discourse use double nginx error : Could not find module `handlebars` imported from `discourse-common/lib/raw-handlebars`

My website uses version 2.9 of discourse. For some reason, I had to use double nginx for discourse. I deployed two discourse web_only container nodes and used an nginx to proxy in front of them. My system architecture diagram:

I was confused when my custom nginx proxy two web_only container nodes and randomly distributed requests to any web_only node, my discourse website sometimes reported errors: Could not find module ‘handlebars’ imported from’ discurse-common /lib/raw-handlebars’, this time the browser visits the site blank screen. But when I used custom nginx to forward all requests to only one of the web_only nodes, this error does not occur. I searched for this problem, there were some commits before to solve this same error, I confirmed that my version contains those commit code.

Could not find module 'handlebars' imported from 'discourse-common/lib/raw-handlebars'

Broken instance after updating to 2.9.0.beta2 - #11 by david

Does anyone know why that is? Thanks very much

By the way, share a problem where using double nginx causes can’t get the real user IP address.
This is because my custom nginx enables X-Forwarded-For header field to get client IP address, but does not disenable X-Forwarded-For of discourse’s nginx. Causes the custom nginx X-Forwarded-For configuration to be overwritten by discourse’s nginx

And it doesn’t matter which one you use? And they are running the same image? That is perplexing.

The only advantage I can see to running two containers like that on the same host is to make it possible to do zero-downtime upgrades. Since you’re not upgrading very often, it seems that you’ve got unnecessary complexity.

You need sometihng like this in your web_only.yml:

  - replace:
    filename: /etc/nginx/conf.d/discourse.conf
    from: "types {"
    to: |
      real_ip_recursive on;
      real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For;
      types {

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, it doesn’t matter which one use. They are running the same web_only image. I will continue to look for problems using safe-mode and if there are any conclusions I will report back here.

Sorry for the misunderstanding in my system architecture diagram, I used a different machine to deploy web_only.The reason why I use double web_only is that my web_only container once crashed due to too many connections, but I did not find out the reason at that time. So I tried to use double web_only to avoid the same problem again.

Thanks,this helped me solve the problem of getting the real user ip

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That makes sense.

There is a setting to increase the number of connections.

I would upgrade. There should be some issue on that version and I’m pretty sure that several security issues have been fixed since then.

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Thanks. At present, I still get the same error when I try to debug in safe mode. I’ll be ready to try upgrading my discourse to see if it works.

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