Discourse user "birthday"

Continuing the discussion from It there user’s birthday in user profile?:

What about having an option to show the “birthday” of the user which counts year(s) from the registration date and sends the automated happy discourse birthday message to the user?

Definitely plugin territory. I get a “birthday” email from a random nvidia forum I joined in 1999 or so and it’s a) unwelcome and b) annoying because I haven’t been there in 5 years and have no plans to go back to turn this off.


Although I agree with you whole-heartedly (on it being a plugin), this is again one of those intangibles that give members a sense of community.

I too, prefer not to receive such, but unbelievably everyone else seems to want it/like it! I don’t know why, but I’m observant enough to realize this means something to them and the sense of community they get from it.


We do have an official #plugin for this now courtesy of the amazing @tgxworld !