Discourse User Roles difference

Please anyone tell difference between Moderator and super Moderator?

You mean Moderator vs Category Moderator?

like admin vs super admin

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There isn’t admin and super admin afaik. The trust levels and roles are:

  1. New User
  2. Basic User
  3. Member
  4. Regular
  5. Leader

  1. Category Moderator (Moderate only a specific category, not the entire forum)
  2. Moderator (Moderate the forum, one does not have access in the site settings)
  3. Admin (Can do anything they want, access in site settings, more admin actions in posts, user profiles and more)
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Is there any role - SME?

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Hello there @Anusri,

In Discourse they are called admin or moderator please see this topic as it explains it very nicely.

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A Category Moderator can work as a SME. Granting the leader status also creates the impression of a SME. You can also include a title on their profile and done!


Thank you so much Thomas.