Discourse version upgrade cause data loss (aria-label) on DOM elements properties


We have customized the default discourse site at discourse version between (2.3 - 2.6). In the mentioned versions, we have applied custom CSS to hide the reply button in topic page footer buttons based on the value of element property aria-label.

After upgrading the discourse version to 2.8.0.beta6, the property aria-label was missing for reply button DOM element. But other buttons like share, bookmark, flags, etc…, still having the aria-label property in topic page footer buttons. Because of this behavior, we are facing an issue.

Before upgrading to version 2.8.0:

After upgrading to version 2.8.0

Is discourse version 2.8.0.beta6 upgrades was modified or ignored the any properties in page DOM elements ?

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You are correct, it appears to be missing.

Looks like the value of aria-label is calculated here: discourse/register-topic-footer-button.js at 362c47ce6a87783808cb4417912a75250f003bf8 · discourse/discourse (github.com)

Looks like there was work on this only 6 days ago?:

DEV: adds a new topic footer dropdown api by jjaffeux · Pull Request #14747 · discourse/discourse (github.com)

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Although the reply button is not coming from this, it’s a standalone {{d-button}}

The change is coming from this commit:

I’m sorry but we have no reason to add back this aria-label here, styling based on aria label is not a good practice.


Is that because the value depends on locale?

Yes exactly, that’s very prone to change too :+1:

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