Discourse Video Upload Plugin with YouTube and Vimeo

You could use a second modal on the client that discloses the Vimeo upload and asks for any extra information (title?) they want to provide. (For drag and drop, this would be the first seen modal.)


Important update
I updated the plugin so it is now the Discourse Video Upload plugin (earlier it was Discourse Vimeo Upload plugin). Now the plugin supports uploads directly to YouTube and Vimeo. Please check the updated guide in the first post for setup instructions.


Is there absolutely no way to upload them on a common account like it’s done with Vimeo?


I tried desperately to make this happen, there is no reasonable way to do this.

Also YouTube’s api limits are much worse than Vimeo, so you can only do 6 videos a day per account, and no good way to increase that (you have to request a limit increase, and if you tell them many people share one account they will stop it).

On the other hand, Vimeo let’s you just pay $7 or more a month and you have practically no limits.

Any reason you prefer Youtube?



Thank you for creating this awesome plugin :heart: :slight_smile:

Is that possible to make a limitation for max upload video size?

I just installed it and there are warning messages in chrome dev.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback @dodesz :slight_smile:

Regarding the warnings, I don’t think they are coming from this plugin, are you sure it’s related? I’m not using whitelist anywhere.

And about the feature request, certainly it’s possible. I was hoping people would contribute to enhance the plugin, preferably through donations / paying for support or feature upgrades, small or big.
Any thoughts on that? Pm if you prefer


Thanks for your response! :slight_smile:

I use whitelist in settings. Is that related with that warning?

If i disable the plugin these warnings not appears so it may be cause by this plugin.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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It isn’t quite the same. Vimeo business model is paid subscriptions. So, as long as you pay, you can upload more. If it becomes a problem, just pay more, and you will pretty much always be good to go. If I’m not mistaken, there won’t be any easy way to monetize the video content, except by adding ads in the video yourself (we could always imagine your plugin doing this one day, but you would still need to find the advertisers, make them pay, etc. And it wouldn’t be easy to change ads and so on. Not very good in any case).

On the other end, Youtube would allow a forum to monetize easily the uploaded video content. If that was uploaded to an account belonging to the forum. A quick search say that limits are pretty high (100 per day, with a limit getting put in place at 50 per day if you hit 100 one day), BUT seem far more limited when you use the API, as you’re saying (I also saw the number of 6 per day).

It would be a great option to be able to choose how to upload to Youtube: Common account or individual accounts. The big question is if forum owners would be able to get this limit increased with youtube. I don’t think you should tell them several people use the account, but that the account belong to an entity (the forum), and it’s the entity which uploads. A question of how you spin it. You would maybe need (and that would be your best interest in any case if it’s with your account) to check the videos before upload: An option to store the videos locally for approval before upload to youtube ? And an option to limit the number of uploads per day (to be able to start with a limit of 6) ?

That’s a few suggestions. Do what you want with them (they rely on the fact that it would be possible to get the limit increased. I’m not sure at all how possible that is. But it sure would be great).


when I try that I still don’t get the warning you are seeing. Sorry, cannot help with this because I am not seeing the warnings - perhaps it is specific to your instance ? I am using beta5 (the most recent release), and not seeing those warnings.


I had not thought of this angle.

I’m sure it’s possible to get the limit increased, it is certainly in YTs best interest to do this especially if monetization is involved.

Your suggestions are great, and quite possible to implement with enough effort. These are pretty significant changes to the plugin and require quite a lot of work, so I would only be interested in doing them if someone (or a group) is willing to pay for feature development.


What about copyright issues? You’re basically giving free access to your own YouTube/Vimeo channel and allow people to upload anything they like into it - that sounds like a DMCA disaster waiting to happen, which might have personal repercussions for you.


certainly an issue, that’s why I think the Vimeo option should only be used by communities where the members can be trusted to be responsible. and that’s why there is a strong message indicating users are responsible for their vimeo account.


Alright no problem. :slightly_smiling_face: I use the latest Discourse. I will check the other plugins etc maybe this is a conflict issue or something like that. Are you familiar with these warnings? It will cause any issue or I can just skip these. I didn’t notice any issue on the site usage. Thanks anyway I love this plugin! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t think it should cause any issue, since it’s just a warning. And I reviewed the code, there is no use of whitelist anywhere.
Glad to see you love it :green_heart:

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I really appreciate this plugin’s feature though I don’t use it right now for various reasons but I’ll keep an eye on the development. It seems nicely implemented.

Also, if nobody can be done about the 6 videos a day API limited, I really like this idea:

I’m not sure the plugin feature would be used by my community. This community is mainly split between our Discourse forum and a Facebook group (which I don’t own), and most of the people who share videos do it on Facebook for obvious reasons.
I guess I could try with a free Vimeo account and see how it goes.

Do you have long-term goals that you want to fulfill no matter what, or do you think your involvement will rely much on donations earnings?


The free account gives you 10 videos a day which is a good place to start I think.

My main goal was to make video an easy thing in Discourse. I think that has been sufficiently accomplished. Where it goes from here I think will depend on the community.


Just to let everyone know, this plugin is now also available as a theme component allowing for a much easier installation process:


Hello just to notify you, I turn off and on everything and finally got it :slight_smile: this whiteList has been replaced with allowList warning is appear here on Meta too. When open composer. So it’s in the core i think. Sorry for this… :slight_smile: The controller:composer warning related with your plugin and theme component also…


Thanks for your work on this plugin/theme component; it offers a lot of useful functionality.

I noticed that the following line in video-upload.hbs causes the Google Apps API to be loaded in all Discourse pages, even if YouTube is not enabled in the theme component:


… I wonder, is there any way that could be conditional based on the toggled YouTube setting in the config? As it stands now it is causing some browsers to throw flags of “trackers”, which might discouage some people that wanted to go Vimeo-only. :slight_smile:


@downey Thanks for flagging this, not sure if you’ve seen the related theme component, that’s the one that will be maintained, so i will make the change there

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