Discourse Video Upload Plugin with YouTube and Vimeo

The free account gives you 10 videos a day which is a good place to start I think.

My main goal was to make video an easy thing in Discourse. I think that has been sufficiently accomplished. Where it goes from here I think will depend on the community.


Just to let everyone know, this plugin is now also available as a theme component allowing for a much easier installation process:


Hello just to notify you, I turn off and on everything and finally got it :slight_smile: this whiteList has been replaced with allowList warning is appear here on Meta too. When open composer. So it’s in the core i think. Sorry for this… :slight_smile: The controller:composer warning related with your plugin and theme component also…


Thanks for your work on this plugin/theme component; it offers a lot of useful functionality.

I noticed that the following line in video-upload.hbs causes the Google Apps API to be loaded in all Discourse pages, even if YouTube is not enabled in the theme component:


… I wonder, is there any way that could be conditional based on the toggled YouTube setting in the config? As it stands now it is causing some browsers to throw flags of “trackers”, which might discouage some people that wanted to go Vimeo-only. :slight_smile:


@downey Thanks for flagging this, not sure if you’ve seen the related theme component, that’s the one that will be maintained, so i will make the change there

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