Discourse vs Invision Community

Thought I would circle back with some follow-up:

Discourse for the win!!!

We’ve just moved forward with our migration. Thanks, everybody in this thread, for all your input!


Yes, this is very interesting, good to hear.

I would add that Discourse is absolutely unique from all other forum engines in its community moderation features. For a commercial forum with a full-time 24/7 paid moderator team it might be less of a consideration, but for forums where the moderator(s) might not always be available to intervene the Discourse features are incredibly comprehensive for community moderation of spam and troll users. I had to hack together a piecemeal system in my Drupal forum to basically accomplish the same thing that Discourse has out-of-the-box.


Is this planned to be available for Standard plans hosted here, or would it only be available for Business/Enterprise?

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I’m glad Discourse fulfill your needs :slight_smile:

Are you self-hosted?

Feel free to share your migration experience, and any thoughts or issues you may encounter during or after the process. We’re always happy to read and help :sparkles:

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We haven’t yet made any decision on that, I’m afraid.

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