Discourse with a screen reader

I follow, this is indeed vary frustrating.

Same goes for @ mentions. Very hard to get the search working on a screen reader.

I think the best we can do @nktech1135 is probably provide some special keyboard shortcut. Maybe something along the lines of:

  • CTRL-ALT-u
  • Select post you would like to quote
  • down
  • @sam post #7
  • down
  • @sam post #6
  • enter
  • Select the sentence you would like to quote
  • sentence 1 “Hi”
  • down
  • sentence 2 “I’d like to give a huge thanks to the people in this thread. I help admin a couple of discourse instances and have noticed most of the things mentioned here.”
  • enter
  • quoted block is added

I like this mechanics, but it is a very big job to build. Luckily we can build it in a component so we can experiment first. Adding it to the list of projects we have to experiment with. Fair warning it may take a while to get to it, but I agree it would be fantastic.



That sounds like a reasonable way to do it if you can’t adapt the existing workflow that’s used by people using a mouse. I prefer staying as close to one workflow as possible but since i’m not sure how it’s done currently i can’t really make suggestions based on the workflow used by sighted people.
An alternate suggestion that might be lighter than what @sam suggested might be to have a keyboard shortcut like alt shift q for example that would check for selected text and insert the quote info of the text that’s selected into the currently open editor?
If done this way the user would find the text to quote, select it, and hit the keyboard shortcut.
This seems like a lighter workflow, but maybe i’m missing something that would make this impossible.