Discourse Version 2.8


  • Show “last visit” line within topics, as we already do on topic lists :white_check_mark:

  • introduce light bubble PM style to help visually distinguish PMs from regular topics

  • Tagging is now on by default! Add description to tags and improve tag management UI.

  • Show draft counts in user drop-down, user page, and sidebar

  • merge the concept of “new unread” and “unread”

  • Enable automatic dark mode switching by default (site setting default dark mode color scheme id)

  • Allow tagging bookmarks.

  • Improve “blank page syndrome” for user menu (notifications, assigned, bookmarks), user activity, user messages, and invites

  • Impersonation should require a second factor @techAPJ

  • Replace loading spinner UX with less jarring top-docked horizontal progress bar @david

  • Wildcard block for email addresses per topic

  • Release search performance optmization by making SiteSetting.use_pg_headlines_for_excerpt default to true @tgxworld

  • Make login and signup dedicated pages, not dialogs

  • Some 2FA factoring and UX improvements

  • Improve new user onboarding with dynamic “have you seen…” popups, all skippable via the existing skip new user onboarding tips and badges user pref

  • Improve the experience for users who have pending posts.

  • Add “site goals” to the setup wizard, such as “reddit news style”, “everything muted by default for discussing lots of very different topics”, “simple minimalist whatsapp style site” etcetra @techapj

  • Add “hot” category topic sorting option per @falco

  • Add username (and full name?) matches to full page search results @Roman_Rizzi

  • Improve overall experience under “Slow 3G” network throttle preset in Chrome developer tools

  • Add counts per group to suggested messages on group PMs (month of work)

  • show posts awaiting moderation on your user page

  • Add support for scheduling banners and pins in topic actions

  • Allow staff to start a discussion from the review queue.

  • Improve error handling for theme/plugin decorateCooked APIs

  • Beef up accessibility @joffreyjaffeux @awesomerobot


Start date

May 19, 2021

Planned release date