Discourseconnect logout issues

I have implemented discourseconnect sso. The issue I am having is when a user logs out via the Log Out button under their profile. It properly redirect them to the logout redirect page I setup in the settings. However, if the user returns to the forum url directly, it gives them the login error page - Account login timed out, please try loggin in again. Then if the user clicks the Log In button on that page, it shows the Welcome page, an account is required, with a login button again. Clicking login button just reloads this page. I thought it would redirect them to the discourse connect url, but it is not.

I also noticed the URL when first revisiting the forums URL is like:

Not sure what is happening here. Could I just disable the logout button?

Good news. I had my logout redirect URL wrong. It was pointed at my production site… and my discourse instance is on dev site… :slight_smile:

All is working as it should.


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