DiscourseHosting migration service for your existing forum

Depends on Discourse-team offer :wink:

@michaeld: Would you be interested in testing the importer on another forum? (since I can’t seem to make it work on my own) :wink:

It has about 2k members and 55k posts :smiley:

At this moment we’re fully booked. It will be April before we can start taking new migrations or continue our work on publishing the importer. Also, migration is only free of charge if you migrate to our service. I’m sorry but time is currently the most precious thing for us, so there’s no more ‘testing’ gigs.

I completely understand. As a discoursehosting customer, would I get access to the code or is customization only done through the admin panel of discourse?

The latter. We can only take our responsibility of making sure updates go smoothly and your forum has a good uptime when we are the only one managing the code.

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With all due respect, I think if possible, there was already a proposal from @codinghorror to make it open sources and community contributes to make it concrete.

You decided otherwise, so I think it is a pure commercial decision. And i respect it.
But wrong excuse of if only one manages the code then it is good and stable.

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought @jorgtron was talking about the Discourse code when you host with us, and by managing I meant making modifications to the source code of the forum. Which is a no-no if you host with us.

The importer code will be made open source eventually yes, but there will be no customization through the admin panel of Discourse in this context, it’s a separate tool. If you get hosting with us, then we will run the importer and make sure your forum gets imported, you cannot sit behind the wheel yourself.


We’d love to migrate to you. Could you convert from Web Wiz to discourse?

@michaeld, you mentioned ‘no more testing gigs’. Do you take on paid gigs for people who want to host their own discourse forum? Currently on 23k posts, 13k users.

If so, how much would that cost me?

I would like to endorse @michaeld . We use his service to migrate our forum and the service and results were excellent.

Highly recommended!


Please PM me for details @evert. What forum software are you currently running?

@michaeld Do you have the xenforo migration details worked out? I am about to embark on this and if you’ve already done some of the work I would hate to do something that’s already been done.

Ditto, @michaeld moved across a WP mingle forum, explained it all, gave us a week to get accustomed to it before it went live, did redirects, put right a couple of errors on my end, really good service.

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Are conversions from Invision Power Board still happening? I’ve got forum on 3.4.6 I’d like to try converting.

Has anyone ever migrated data and users from YAF (Yet Another Forum) to Discourse?

@michaeld do you have a migration service form xenforo to discourse?

@michaeld, would you have the bandwidth for a paid conversion from MyBB? I’ve tried to figure it out on my own, without much luck.

Yes, of course. Just send me a PM with your amount of users and posts and I’ll send you a quote.

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