Discourse's official Discord server?

Does Discourse have an official Discord server by any chance?

They’ve mentioned they use Slack for internal communication. Not sure what else.

:smiley: No, we do not.

We already get confused with Discord enough (Spotify/Shopify anyone?). We’d rather not introduce more confusion by saying you need to go to the official Discourse Discord server to have Discourse discourse.


Point taken. :stuck_out_tongue:

In a way, as technology evolves, the chatting platforms did compete with the forums. However, I feel that Discourse and Discord can co-exist quite well.


We think so too! Chat and forums can coexist well.

For our purposes, we’d rather have all of our support conversations here on Meta where they are indexed and searchable versus a chat system where likely they’d all be asked repeatedly. It’s no fun to duplicate efforts for our relatively small team.


We moved away from Slack and use Mattermost (always nice to support other open-source projects when we can).


can mattermost be on the same server as discourse ?


Yes it can. You will need to configure a reverse proxy to direct traffic if you do that.

I’d recommend:

  1. Install Discourse following the official install.
  2. Make sure Discourse works.
  3. Follow the #howto here on Meta for configuring an nginx proxy.
  4. Make sure Discourse still works.
  5. Install Mattermost.
  6. Add the necessary Mattermost config to the nginx proxy.

For integration between various independent real-time chats, you’ll want to use Matterbridge. Despite the name, this is independent from Mattermost. You’ll also need to add the Matterbabble plugin (Discourse 3rd party integration) and Babble Plugin (real-time chat for categories within Discourse) to integrate these real-time conversations directly to your Discourse forum.

  • Matterbridge - Connecting any number of chat services together via bots.
  • Matterbabble - Discourse post support for Matterbridge via plugin.
  • Babble - Discourse plugin for adding real-time chat, usually in a sidebar, to your Discourse forum in defined channels via whatever chat service.

Can you write a more detailed instruction on how to install Matterbridge on a server with Discourse? It’s not clear whether we use docker.

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Honestly, I haven’t done it yet. Has been on my list forever, but has not yet happened. I’m just a volunteer maintaining our instance. Perhaps others have experience with it.

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We moved from Mattermost to our own Chat solution for a while :partying_face:

On a side note

Babble is broken and has no purpose since we introduced the chat feature.

(Also, we don’t have any Discord server as there’s no need for it)