Babble - A Chat Plugin

(James Kiesel) #1

Babble is an simple, lightweight chat plugin for Discourse. It re-skins the existing topic view into a sidebar, allowing for quick conversations in your forum.

Check out the demo site to see it in action, or view (and contribute to!) the code on Github. If you’d like to help translate Babble to your language, join the Transifex project.

To install, use the standard method for installing plugins. Once installed, you may visit https://<your-instance>/admin/chats to add chat channels (NB that a chat will not appear on your site until you’ve created a chat in this interface)

Current feature set:

  • Making chats private to an individual group or channel
  • Emojis!
  • File uploads
  • Notifying other users via @mention
  • Editing, deleting, and flagging posts
  • Toggle-able ‘full screen’ mode
  • Who’s typing
  • Onebox support

On the horizon

  • Who’s in the room
  • One-to-one messaging

Feel free to reach out to me (@gdpelican) either here on meta or on the github repo if you have trouble!

For bug reports, please provide a screenshot of your /logs file, any errors you’re able to see in the javascript console, as well as specific repro instructions

To view the archive of conversation which has occurred about this plugin before, view the archive [WARNING: There’s lots of out-of-date information there! :smiley: ]

Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]
Babble - A Chat Plugin [ARCHIVE]
(Olivier Lambert) #2

I am considering using this on my forum. However, I’m very curious to see how people are using it and how it affects user behavior.

Is there someone who has implemented this on his forum who would like to share the impact? :slight_smile:

(Lee Strickland) #3

Can we edit history length? I would love this, but it would have to not stick around long to be acceptable for the community I help admin


That would be fantastic! Either that, or an easy way to reset the chat every night, if possible!

(James Kiesel) #5

Sure, I can take a look at this this weekend.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

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