DiscourseSsoConsumer, a SSO extension for MediaWiki

DiscourseSsoConsumer is a MediaWiki extension that allows a MW site to authenticate users via the Discourse Connect Provider API (i.e., users type their passwords into Discourse). Originally released a year ago, version 2.0.0 was released yesterday. I figure it is time to give this extension its own topic here so that it is easier to find (versus the original lonely post in the SSO Provider topic: Using Discourse as an identity provider (SSO, DiscourseConnect) - #104 by mdoggydog).

It installs via composer. Installation/configuration instructions are in the README.


Is there a minimum version for Mediawiki for this to work?

For v2.0.0, the minimum MediaWiki is 1.35 (and it has not been tested on any newer version yet).

The extension was originally developed/tested with MW 1.31; v1.1.0 and v1.2.0 probably work with MW 1.31, but they have not been tested on it.

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