DiscourseConnect for MediaWiki

A MediaWiki extension that implemented DiscourseConnect consumer, allows your MediaWiki instance login with Discourse account, and more features are working in progress.

:warning: WARNING: It’s a crude extension that may have bugs that harm the security of your website.


Looks good!

A couple of years ago I had a go at a MediaWiki extension for pulling Discourse info into wiki pages: Extension:Discourse - MediaWiki


@freosam is it working well?

Any specific bugs to be aware of?

I’m afraid I’m not using either extension any more. There was an idea of Wikimedia using Discourse a while ago, which is why I was looking into it all, but that idea has passed now unfortunately.

Gotcha, did you have any success in connecting the two systems with some other authentication method?

Yep, just OAuth, although I’m not sure how much custom work there was to support it (I vaguely remember something about differing OAuth spec versions).