Discrepancy between discourse stats and GA

On the Discourse Dashboard I see:

  • User visits: ~50 / day
  • Pageviews: ~8,000 / day (excluding crawlers)

On Google Analytics my site stats show:

  • Users: ~600 / day
  • Pageviews: ~1,600 / day

There is a huge discrepancy obviously. How can this be?

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This is explained at Why there is huge difference in Pageviews tracking number on discourse admin dahboard and on google analytics

TL;DR is that GA can’t count people with AdBlock, people with disabled JS, Crawlers with disabled JS, etc. That is more than half the internet.


So, this applies to all other websites in general as well? Or just discourse sites?


Every site. If you parse your webserver log and compare it with GA you will see the discrepancy quickly.


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