Why is there a 10X Difference in Page Views - Discourse vs. Google Analytics?

I’m seeing about a 10 fold difference in page views between the Discourse metrics vs. Google Analytics metrics.

For example, here are counts for a representative page on one of my forums:

Here are the google analytics stats for the past week on the same page:

Now I know these stats are not apples to apples comparisons - the first one is “all the clicks ever for that page”, I believe. While the second are the past week’s results.

But still - shouldn’t they be in the same ballpark (or if anything, the weekly should be less than the Discourse “total views” number?

That number in Discourse is capped to counting 1 view per (user OR ip) per day. Google Analytics may be counting multiple views per person, and also have better methods of detecting whether two visitors from the same IP are the same user.