Discussbook on discourse, anybody interested? Not paid, but collaboration

I am not here to promote the website, but I would like to ask anybody if they are interested to collaborate with me to port discussbook ( https://www.discussbook.com ) on discourse platform.

discussbook is a QA site on books, where people ask questions/post notes on the books they read, and discuss with other people.
I had developed this site on PHP MySQL, then I moved it to Express ( Nodejs ) MySQL. But developing a QA site from scratch alone is hell of a task.You need to develop QuestionsAnswers stuff, comments, voting mechanism, badge system, moderation stuff, promotion mailers, daily digests, notification mechanism, admin module and other things. So instead of developing these things myself, I have decided to port it to discourse.

What would you like done?
If you go through the discussbook site, you will know everything revolves around the books. So we need to

  1. Modify the discourse composer to have book search.
  2. Modify the home page and topic page to have book details

When do you need it done?
I am developing this site as hobby, along with my full time job. Time is no bar. ( It is, but not like a business roadmap :stuck_out_tongue: )

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
I dont have any, because it is not a business website, its a hobbyist website. **I am interested to collaborate with other developers who are interested in the idea of QA site on books. If you think it has business value, lets discuss it and make it work !! :slight_smile: **

What have I done ?
I have tried porting the discussbook to discourse. I have edited the discourse composer to have a extra field to search books like this

But the backend integration is pending. I am also learning ruby on rails, and ember. If you are interested, please contact me.

What about old posts?
I am thinking of creating static pages out of old posts / or migrating the posts through some scripts

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If you have no budget this is not a marketplace topic.

Should I move it to some other category, or delete the topic? I thought meta.discourse might be best site to find discourse developers to work with…

It might be better in #dev.

From a quick glance, it looks like all you’d need is a plugin that would snag the book image from a topic post. Probably not a big deal for an experienced developer.

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Yes it seems easy. I am learning ruby on rails. But I am not able to do backend integration. So I thought if I can collaborate with experienced dev here, who might also be interested in the idea of QA site on books, it might be great.
Moving it to #dev

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