Embedding Discourse сomments with GitBook

Good day!

It is necessary to integrate the Discourse comments with GitBook. For each new page\post should be created theme in the Discourse. In essence this is the same as the plug comments to a blog that is described here - Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript

But I’m not so good at JS to do it now on their own.

In the catalog Gitbook there are two plug-ins for integration with platform comments discourse. But both the plugin does not work.

Can anyone help with this? I would be grateful for any advice.

Well your best bet would be to try get in touch with the authors of those deprecated plugins:

Ask them to create a topic for their plugin in our #plugin:extras category so we can stay in touch with them!

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g0v/gitbook-plugin-discourse still works, but it design for creating the same topic on discourse.

We use it on our project vtaiwant.tw

First, we create a gitbook, and use this plugin to sync topics to discourse.
Then we use discourse json api to custom our page with discourse comments.

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So if I understand this correctly, these plugins listed above take any questions/comments people make about whatever is posted on Gitbook and puts them in as a topic in the chosen Category, correct?

Has anyone had any good success with doing this? Which one did you choose?

Hm, I’ve seen a well working integration at, e.g.: here, where GitBook exposes the comments, and reply link leads to discussion on their https://discuss.gluon.ai/ . That GitBook uses divs inside MD files, like so

Discuss on our Forum

And then, it uses this discuss.js:

Or even with QR code to scan-in to discussions: