Dismiss button inconsistency on mobile

Checked here (New) and other Discourse based site (Unread)

Seems that Dismiss button doesn’t always appear even when using Desktop view on Mobile (Android, latest Chrome), but appears on PC.

Both button appears on the bottom of the list.

Is there any way to bring it to the top?


Just checked myself.
For New the Dismiss button shows up at the upper right.
For Unread the Dismiss button shows up at the bottom right after the message that reads “There are no more unread topics. Browse all categories or view latest topics”.

Corrected the OP.

Turns out the button is located at the bottom for the browser, which defeats the purpose if there’re hundreds on the list. Is it possible to bring it on the top?

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As I recall it depends how many topics are in the list. We avoid duplicating the button unless the list of topics is very long.

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Only 37 notification on this site, so I used another discourse based site.

Wonder if 920 isn’t too many

Btw, it appears on the top, for pc browser.


Oh yes, sorry, I was referring to desktop only. There might be an inconsistency on mobile.

Here’s a site with 53 new topics, note placement of dismiss at top and bottom, the dismiss button is duplicated at the top when there are a lot of topics.

I have 8 new topics here on meta, and in that case, the dismiss button is only presented at the bottom … exactly as I said it would be. Same logic for the Unread tab.

Could be we need to extend this logic to mobile, though. @eviltrout this might be an easy one, can you assign for next week?


Should be fixed by:



Confirmed, I see Dismiss at the top of long lists of Unread and New on mobile right now, as well as within categories. Thanks for bringing this up @OrcaFrost – I was aware of this inconsistency and meant to flag this a while back as an issue … we appreciate the reminder! :beers: