Dismiss-button in Unread

I just read about the function of the dismiss-button in "Mark all read" button on all New and Unread topics:

We just moved forum platform from vBulletin to Discourse, and we moved all topics to the new platform. That means that I (and all other users) have a lovely number of unread topics. For me it’s 2674!

There’s two issues for me/us with the Dismiss-button:

  1. I’ll never get to the bottom of that list and find the button.
  2. I actually still want to track all of the posts in case someone write something new in them. I would just love a clean slate instead of a couple of thousand of unread posts.

Is there really no way around this other than me going through every single topic?

You can find the dismiss button also in the top right

Then you can see this pop up

Don’t flag the option inside in fact “stop tracking” is a option.


Thanks for the help! :smiley:

I’m not sure what you mean by this sentence?

If I don’t mark ‘Stop tracking…’ then it’ll just mark them all as read but keep the current tracking?

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Yep, that’s correct.


Best news ever! Thanks!

You don’t need to get to the bottom; when you have more than (x) where x is around 20, the button is duplicated on top and bottom.


That’s very smart. :+1: This kind of attention to UX details is what sets Discourse apart.