Dismiss only non-important notifications

I often use the Dismiss button to dismiss all my notifications when I see they are just likes and I already know (or don’t care) what the likes were for. This saves me from having to dismiss them one at a time by opening up each notification. However, when I have an important notification (a reminder in this case), my only choices are to open them one at a time or also dismiss the important notification.


It would be nice if there was a third button in that popup to just dismiss the non-important notifications. I don’t know what wording to use, but something like this.



This sadly feels too confusing to me.


Are you sure? You have 1 important notification.

Dismiss important notifications

[Dismiss] [Cancel]

I like this change cause the button will easy to click and if for some reason you want to also dismiss important you can tick that.

@mcwumbly thoughts? Should we put a pr-welcome on this?


Huh, I rarely run into this myself because I end up dismissing other types of notifications on their own tab (usually just likes… sometimes “other”).

Out of curiosity @seanblue are you using the new notifications menu in this scenario? Or the old one?

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If I remember correctly, this occurred a site which just switched to the new notification menu. Are you saying that the dismissals are scoped to the selected tab? It never even occurred to me to try that. I rarely have more than a few notifications, so I haven’t had much reason to use the tabs.

Personally I like Sam’s suggestion (much cleaner than mine). That said, this was a very light suggestion anyway since I also rarely have “important” notifications. Just figured I’d bring it up since I ran into it.

Slight tangent, but I personally would find more use in being able to dismiss individual notifications, similar to a feature Facebook has. Should I open a new topic for that?

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Yep, that’s correct.

Sure, I think we can keep this topic open and see what others think. If we can agree on the design, perhaps it is a candidate for a community contribution. @awesomerobot any thoughts on the proposal Sam made above?

Yeah, a new topic for this sounds good :slight_smile: