Display full name not username when attributing quote or reply

Given these settings:
prioritize username in ux - false
enable names - true
display name on posts - true

I would have expected to see the user’s full name not username when attributing a quote or reply to the user. But that’s not what happens:

I kind of agree with this @sam, can we slot it?

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Fixing history may be a bit tricky cause we will need to rebake, but sure we can improve this, makes sense.

We have a few places where we are missing prioritization

On meta for example:




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I have added the pieces necessary to prioritize full names when:

  • prioritize_username_in_ux = false
  • display_name_on_posts = true

for the cases described in the OP.

Thanks for @JonathanShaw for pointing this out :slight_smile:


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