Display granted badge underneath post

After the welcome addition of the “Grant Badge” button to the post “spanner” menu, can I suggest one additional feature:

Display under the post that a badge has been granted.

Visually it would be similar to the link that’s shown to mods when another mod has PMed the user about their post.

The icon of the badge and the avatar of the granter could be included.

This message would help avoid two moderators awarding the same badge to the post.

It would also display the badge more prominently to the community.


I’d say the new “Grant Badge” via :wrench: is awesome. saves me a 1,000 steps.


Should the same badge be grant to the same user multiple times while attributing to the same post?

If not, I guess the said badge should be hidden from the “grantable” list when granting from the same post?


I believe it shouldn’t be possible for the same badge to be granted twice to the same post by different mods, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Agreed that it should be hidden (or greyed if possible) from the list if already granted on a given post.

I agree, it would be great to see badges awarded to a certain post in its context, so that other users might feel motivated to get this badge as well. As an alternative, posts who got a badge could have its own class, so that they can be styled differently in the css.


Are there any plans to implement this? In general, I wish badges in Discourse were more prominent. I love the idea of rewarding desired behavior. If a post is that behavior, why not make the granting visible to everyone? It will encourage more of the behavior we want.

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I certainly like this feature a lot, but I am uneasy about adding a query to every single topic page we display just for it.

My recommendation here would be to simply introduce a bit of manual process here when you grant the badge:

Add a staff note to the posts you assign badges for, it can link to the badge.

I feel this resolves the OP really cleanly and wonder if we should just have some way of doing this automatically by adding a checkbox. But a workaround exists now and is super clean.


Closed in favour of Wishlist: visual cue for "user got a badge for this post"