What does "Show post granting badge on badge page" do?

In Admin/Badges there is a checkbox option Show post granting badge on badge page

I can’t figure out what it does - any clues?

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It shows the post that the badge was granted from on the badge page. That is the post that triggered the badge to be awarded.


Clarification and follow-up question from a Discourse novice:

When I manually award a badge, a ‘Reason’ box is available to enter a link to a post or topic. My understanding is that the option ‘Show post granting badge on badge page’ is designed to control whether the ‘Reason’ url is visible next each person’s name when you’re viewing that badge’s page.

So is it right to conclude that the ‘Show post granting badge on badge page’ is relevant to both manually- and automatically-awarded badges? Is it correct to assume that automatically-awarded badges can populate the Reason field, e.g. if the badge is awarded in response to posting in a particular topic?

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