Display Header HTML to only Logged in Users

If I write a snippet of code in the Header (i.e. a banner or advertisement message), is there a way to wrap the code in something that ensures it only gets display to logged in users?


I’m looking for something similar.
i want to show a static html menu at the top, which should only be visible for registered users.

I would be interested in a solution too.

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Perhaps like this - wrap it in a div, i.e. logged_in_content and hide it from users who are not logged in:

html.anon div#logged_in_content {
  display: none;

as mentioned by @Falco:


I don’t want to hide it.
i want to deliver the html block to registered users only.

This will display it to those who are logged in and hide for those who are not.

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yes, i know how css works :wink:

but this is no solution.

i dont want that not logged in users can see the html in page-source or it can be indexd by search engines.

its a closed forum and hiding with css is no solution.

i already tried this in the admin backend:

but without success.
the script tag an inner-html is not published.

Can something similar be done for hiding HTML from certain Groups? Or is a simple CSS solution too much to ask for this?

Edit: I misspoke. I didn’t mean individuals, just Groups. @pmusaraj @omarfilip

Search meta for either “currentUser” or “api.getCurrentUser” and you should see several code examples. You can use this to determine whether a user is loggedin, and then act accordingly.

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Check if this method is still valid:

I’m not sure, but explore this topic:

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this is a good solution, I have tested, but unfortunately not what I am looking for.

I’m looking for a server side solution, not a client side (css/js) solution.

Why do you have to have a server-side solution? Discourse is a full JS app, all of the header components for example have their html generated in JS. You can write the group-specific html in JS, and it will never be displayed to non-group users.

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because my html content i want to show is only for logged-in users.

with this js solution every not logged in user can access the .js file over the url which is included always (in the login page too)


and can see my js-injected html thats only for logged-in users.

i need a secure solution, not css/js pseudo secure solution.

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