Display presentation in Categorie Home page

(Etienne Bouché) #1


I would like to dislay a brief presentation of my forum on the top of the home page, which is the Categories page.
Is it possible in Discourse ? I didn’t found any answer at the moment …


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

You can use a banner text (Site Settings) or a banner topic for that (wrench icon on the topic).

(Daniela) #3

Sure, you can pin a topic (by admin wrench) and make it like an announcement.
Take a look here https://discuss.moe/ to see an example.

The difference is that the users cannot close the banner text, the banner topic can be closed.

(Etienne Bouché) #4

Thank you!
But what’s admin wrench ? Is it a plugin ?
And I don’t find the banner text or banner topic in the Discourse Settings …

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

(Etienne Bouché) #6

Thank you @Falco! I found it.
In fact, the menu changed, we have to click on “pin topic” then a box is displayed:

(Sorry it’s french :sweat_smile:)
I think that should be interesting to communicate about this :wink: