Display total number of users

I would like to better market how many users are on my Discourse installation. Has anyone implemented something that appears at the top of the topic list that shows how many registered users there are?

You can see the total users at the top of the /users page (or in the about page) but not at the top of the topic list.


I’m aware of those, I’m just curious if people have made it more visible somehow

I can’t think of any easy way to surface that number. And shouldn’t the site activity be apparent from the recent topics?


The number of users on the top of the /users page is now showing the wrong number…???

We have over 15,000 users but it’s showing 50?

Take a look at this Users in /u capped at 50 - is this meant to be the case?

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We’re hosted by Discourse, how would I go about fixing it?

Just need to do an upgrade at /admin/upgrade

Will make your site glitch while you do it (at least it does on self-hosted) for 5 mins or so and put up lots of scary text on the screen but usually painless.

Hosted customers don’t have an upgrade button. It’s all managed centrally.

We take care of all upgrades for our hosted sites. The issue with the users page showing 50 users has been fixed, but but the fix has not yet been deployed to your site. We will let you know when that has been done.

As a hosted customer, you can always contact our support system through the email address that is given on your site’s admin dashboard.