Members have posted but are not listed in /u

Hi, still learning Discourse admin, but I know this forum is gentle with newbs :slight_smile:

I have a new instance at

Users Georgi44 and Cynthia have posted for the first time (here and here), but neither is listed at

Can anyone let me know why that might be? Thanks in advance


That view isn’t live, as far as I know the stats aren’t displayed in real-time.

If you look at the dates in the timeframe given at the top of the screen it should be up until yesterday’s date.


Good spot! However, most of the dropdown timeframes end with yesterday’s date. But “all time” does not. And amongst those users that are listed are those who joined X hours ago, where X is less than the current hours into today.



It’s updated with a daily batch process, that will have occurred sometime during the current day.

Relax, put your feet up, have a cup of tea and check it later, perhaps tomorrow :wink:


May check when Greg reaches 11 to 12 hours. Youngest member listed in user list is 11 hours.


Found another possibility they might have:

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They both appear in the today view now.

As previously stated it’s not a live view, sidekiq hadn’t processed the data for Sunday at the time OP had posted.


Given that this has come up three times on meta (I’m fairly confident it has), I wonder if we should put some kind of disclaimer on the page – either for staff only, or for everyone – about the daily refresh.


I don’t think we send the “last updated at” details to the client, but if we did, I think there’s some benefit to displaying that information to both users and staff. We can tone it down a bit and make sure it’s placed somewhere where it can’t be missed, like right underneath the period select-kit.

This not a new pattern. We already have something similar in the

Some advice based on your current site settings

section in the admin dashboard.


I like this idea very much, can we assign it Monday @eviltrout? I assume it’s fairly easy based on what I’ve seen in the mocks? I’d like the reduced tech support…


Thanks @Stephen … but five hours after your post here I still can’t see either of them at /u in my desktop browser, a fresh desktop browser, or in my phone’s browser. Weird.


If I were to report mine, only five users show up in the all time view of my site. I have over 270 registered users as at today.

What users directory shows

Correct number of registered users I have from the About page

Due to this, I have to disable user directory so it doesn’t look like a kind of fraud on my part when users visit users all time directory and only five users show up.


I couldn’t get it to look exactly as tight as @Johani’s mockups because the period chooser has some built in vertical size but I got reasonably close:

If someone better at CSS than me wants to take a quick pass at it I wouldn’t complain :wink:


That is very odd @habeycole. Are you identifying this as a bug?

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Made few minor fixes to the UX, so it looks almost as sharp as @Johani’s mockup:

Also made sure it looks as nice on mobile:


@sheldrake. Yes, it is a bug. And my Discourse instance is very up to date. I’m on the latest version 2.5 beta 2. I noticed that since August last year but just resorted to hiding users directory since I don’t even want same to be available for viewing by others.

Have you verified that even in safe mode it only shows an incomplete count? I would do that and try disabling all plugins, it needs to occur with zero additional code to be something we can readily troubleshoot.

A bug would be something affecting all instances of Discourse. Yours is the only one I’m aware of that exhibits this. If it began in August last year it may be a plugin or other customization that’s responsible.


Hello @Stephen, thanks for your reply.

On safe mode, it is still the same result, reason why I classified it as a bug. Please see attached screenshot below :point_down: