Display user attributes on posts

I’m sorry if this has been answered. Just late night and into today we’ve migrated a 20 year old forum with 300k members, 1.4 million topics, and 30 million+ replies to Discourse.

It went as well as it could. As our members have been furiously arguing the merits of this project, one item become clear.

Our members really enjoyed being able to see Join Dates and Post Counts of users while scrolling through a topic. It helped them identify valued members, etc.

Is there an easy way to display this either near their screenname or avatar?

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Congrats on your launch!

I’ve seen something about this recently, but don’t quickly find it here. Perhaps it was an email exchange that I had.

You’ll need a plugin to add those user fields to the serializer and then a bit of front end stuff to add it to the topic display. I’d guess it’s an hour or two of work.

It looks like someone edited for me.

You might try including an image that doesn’t have a naughy word, but it doesn’t change the answer.

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