Showing topic creator and posts/join dates

So April 1st we migrated a 20 year old, 300,000+ user forum to Discourse. It has been going over great with our user base (except few the die hards that don’t like change).

The number one request / complaint is that in the list of topics, our users want to see who created the topic by seeing their screen name. With a forum with our history, our users want to quickly know which users created a topic as to either avoid or be more apt to review.

Is it possible to include on all themes (mobile and desktop view).

The other thing is our members really like to see a post (reply) count and join date while looking through a topic.

Maybe there is a theme that includes all this, although we have user selectable themes, so I’d love to make it baked in if you will?

Any help or suggestions would be great.

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If you’re self-hosted and can use a plugin you can do this:

It might be possible to do it in a theme component, but I think it would generate too many api calls.

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We are self-hosted. Is that a project you have experience with and are interested in, or do you have a recommendation?