Displaying a list of latest threads/posts in Wordpress

Is there a way of displaying a list of latest threads/posts from Discourse within Wordpress itself? We have got the WP-Discourse plugin installed currently. Couldn’t see if there was any existing functionality that catered for this.

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There is. I believe this is one way to do so:


See also this great plugin that extends WP Discourse with some additional shortcodes:

I’d suggest reading the whole topic b/c there are some updates not documented in the OP, in particular the discourse_topics shortcode which should do what you’re looking for. See: Wp-discourse-shortcodes plugin - #40 by simon

(@simon not sure if this plugin is still in flux at all; just FYI you may want to update the OP in that topic to reflect the current capabilities / options here!)


Great, thanks. Installed the plugin and checking it out but it should give us something to work with.

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