Displaying all non-solved topics

Hi all :slight_smile:
In the table of all the topics we have ‘latest’ and other buttons. Is there a way to add a new display ‘non-solved’ that contain all of the topics that were not solved (with the solved plugin :white_check_mark:)?
Thank you :slight_smile:

From this topic:

Appending ?solved=no to a topic list URL would show unsolved topics e.g.

To add a navigation link amongst the Latest/Top buttons, you could use this theme component:

and use the URL with ?solved=no

That is great, thank you!
Some of the caterogies do not have the ‘solved’ system so using ?solved=no will display them as well. Is there a way to filter it as well, so I will get only non-solved topics from categories that do have the ‘solved’ system?

So I guess it’s not possible? :frowning:

Yeah I’m not sure how to achieve that, sorry

The link does work per category e.g.


Thank you! :slight_smile:
I’ll wait for a comment of one of the Discourse developers. Maybe they know a way to do it :slight_smile: