Make unsolved filter behave the same as status:unsolved search

Is there a way to see all unsolved posts from any category?

I know the /latest?solved=no page, but this would return all topics from any category:

  • If the can’t be solved, all of them
  • If they can be solved, then only the unsolved

I’d like to have only the second category.

The /latest?solved=yes option will return only topics that are solved (so only the one that can be solved). That would be perfect, except that I need to find the unsolved one. (So that someone can check where to be useful).

Do you have a way?

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You could search for status:unsolved to find all unsolved topics. That one was fixed to only return topics from solution-enabled categories.


It would be nice if both the search and filter methods worked the same way. I do like a bit of consistency. :slight_smile: