Gui for querying category of solved or unsolved topics

Passing solved=no&status=open or solved=yes parameters among with category is realy cool feature. It is really easy and useful to filter category topics per solved status. But unfortunately these features are rarely used even by advanced users, because they simply do not remember combination of parameters and do not know how to send parameters in url any way.
Can we get header button per category which will send url parameters for user.
As we have top lists, bookmark list, My posts list, lastest,
Can we make Unsolved, Solved lists buttons for categories which has enabled solving.
In early versions of discource we were able do make custom buttons with predefined parameters, as excluding one category or category by itself.
Can we make button which will add solved=no&status=open parameters to current category path.

The Solved plugin adds a show filter by solved status site setting to Discourse. When enabled, it adds a filter for solved and unsolved topics to the navigation menu:



Never see that after years


Looks like this feature does not wokrs,
On my categories there is dorp’n down buton.
It sends to params to addres bar in chrome or firefox but there is no filtering after that

I am on lastes version

If you refresh the page when the solved=no query param is set, does the solved topic get removed from the topic list?

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Yes it does, Filtering works when I do refresh page with url parameters, but selecting unsolved or solved in drop and down do not refresh grid of topics.

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If you get a chance, could you try loading your site in safe mode and see if that fixes the problem?


Entering in safe mod and Disable current theme did heal this bug
In safe mode drop’n down for filtering rows works as should.
Now I need time to test which theme component break this.

Any idea why I do not see filtering dop’n dow on my other instance.
There is solving enabled, I am on lastes but there is no filgtering drop n down filter


Thanks for testing that.

What I’m finding is that unless the allow solved on all topics site setting is enabled, the filter is not getting added to the navigation menu. This seems to be related to another issue - when allow solved on all topics is not enabled, a Solved section is added to the category settings. The checkbox in this section will not stay checked after the category is saved. We will look into what is causing this problem and get it fixed.


Can you try updating your site to get the latest version of the Discourse Solved plugin? The plugin has been updated to fix an issue that was preventing the solved filter from being displayed when the allow solved on all topics setting is not enabled. The filter should now be displayed for the topic lists of categories that allow solutions. The filter will still not be displayed on your site’s latest topic list unless allow solved on all topics is enabled. This is by design.