Displaying "Likes" more prominently


We use Discourse at Lookback, as an internal forum.

We use Likes to support and promote one another’s ideas and posts.

As such, a Like is an important component of the communication happening: it’s just as valuable as someone replying “I agree with this.” or “Sounds great” or “Let’s do it”.


The Likes often go unnoticed, because:

  • The Likes don’t make threads appear unread
  • The Likes aren’t taking up a lot of visual impact (space & color)

Proposed solution

  • Left-align likes at the footer of each post
  • Add a colored heart for posts that have likes, no color for posts that don’t
  • Potentially display avatars right away (rather than on expansion)

You know your design constraints best, so this proposed solution is just a very quick recommendation.


Did you see this:

1 Like

The icons can be easily styled using CSS

I’m not so sure about showing the Likers by default, it could get a bit “noisy”


Just a clarification, right now the heart is colored if you personally liked the post. So the color signifies “I liked this one”.